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Become a UGC creator with Posh Ambassador Programme today and join the latest content creation movement. It's quick and easy.

This guide is for freelancer digital marketeers looking for brand collaboration onboarding with us for our pretty products and monetary benefits.

The New Barter System for brands and influencers

You can refer to this wholesome guide to get know all about the details of the programme, perks and expected deliverables from your end and a gist of what we'll provide you with to get started on your UGC Ambassador journey with Posh.

Here is the index to get you acquainted with the programme:

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Before we begin, we must make it very clear that the roles and responsibilities of a UGC creator are not very different than an influencer. Yet, the perks are heavily favoured for UGC creators.

I. Welcome!

To get started, we'll brief you with our brand core values and explain the concept of UCG (user generated content). Moving ahead, you'll get to know about this programme and eligibility criteria.

1. About Posh The Studio:

We are a contemporary home decor and art products manufacturing brand based in Jaipur. Everything we sell is 100% manufactured in India as a make-in-India and support local initiative. The products go through quality checks before being dispatched from our studio located in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur.

The brand began its journey as a commission based artist selling independent pieces of custom made art in 2020. Get to know more about our founding CEO and the face behind this brand: Bhavya Choudhary.

Our primary art based products are:

  • contemporary home decor (illustration frames and canvas designs)
  • kitchenware and accessories (coffee mugs, fridge magnets, kitchen posters)
  • stationery (desk calendars, bookmarks), and
  • home fragrances (Pastel Mug CANDL)

2. What is UGC?

An honourable side hustle

UGC refers to User Generated Content and is the new way to market products using real customers instead of paid influencers. UGC focuses on quality of content to be more user-generated and less promotional.

Why UGC and not paid brand promotions?

Because people have gotten better at detecting fake promotions and insincere content. It reflects poorly on an influencer to receive gifts from brands in exchange for making posts. However, affiliate marketing is an honourable side hustle.

For product businesses, it is not profitable to have mere views in exchange of free products given to influencers in an over-flooded content market. To ensure your content generates sales, UGC focuses on quality of content to be more user-generated and less promotional.

What makes UGC creators stand out from regular influencers?

UGC creators have the unique ability to transform a product into a lifestyle, rather than just a one-time purchase.

The difference between both is that as a brand ambassador using UGC (user generated content), you're very much inclined to generate more income for yourself by putting in the required effort.

The perks are definitely worth it!

3. About the Programme and who can join

This programme is open to everyone regardless of their followers count. Yes, you heard that right: our eligibility criteria is not based on followers.

If you have any experience in photography, story-telling and social media.. you have the potential to make a side hustle. You will still need an active social media presence and the basic skills.

Here's what you need to join the Posh UGC Ambassador Programme to begin your UGC journey:

  • a content niche on your social media (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and others)
  • willingness to comply with the content guidebook
  • a refundable one-time fee of ₹25 (refunded within 7 days of your first referral customer's purchase)

Please note that this one-time fee is our way of filtering out non-serious participants to avoid losses of delivering free products and not getting the expected results. We get numerous requests for free products. Asking for a refundable fee ensures that only serious marketeers onboard with us.

You will be refunded the amount as soon as you generate your first sale on our platform.

II. Benefits of becoming a Posh UGC Ambassador

1. Long Term Relationship

Say goodbye to reaching out brands repeatedly and tediously filtering out the ones who will not respond despite multiple check-ins. At Posh, we value long-term relationship cultivation by keeping in touch and making the best out of collaborative skills.

We do not believe in treating our customers as mere one-time acquaintances. We need feedback from you about the products. Your opinions and insights can be valuable for our brand's growth.

We believe your contribution will play a vital role in our brand impact.

2. Creative Liberation

As a creator, we will NEVER tell you how to make content for your audience! You will decide how to utilise your creativity that suits your audience's niche and interests.

You will be the decision maker here by simply complying to the brand values and deliverables we ask of you.

3. Products & in-store Discounts

Once you onboard with us as an ambassador, you pick any item of your liking that is well-suited for your niche and resonates with your audience. With this free product, you will be making recurring user generated content and earn a 10% commission for each product you sell to your audience.

Remember, the more you post, the more you have the potential to earn. As an extension to this, you will also be able to purchase any items you wish from the store at 20% OFF.

4. Audience Discounts

Let's get into the details of how you earn more money using your free product.

As our affiliate, you will get the rights to offer your audience 15% OFF on their purchase using a dedicated coupon code allotted to you. The incentive of 15% discount will make your audience purchase from us, while reserving a percentage share of the sale purchase amount for you.

5. Transparent Commissions with Tracking

Every time a customer uses their coupon code (made exclusively for you), they get 15% OFF their bill and you get 10% of the total purchase value transferred to your affiliate account.

We use the Shopify plugin "UpPromote Affiliate" to generate your affiliate account with our website. It is trusted by 1,15,000+ stores across the globe for transparency in managing affiliate networks.

In addition to tracking the number of sales, you will also be able to manage statistics like finding the number of clicks made on the product/website using your link. With these tracking options, you can boost influencer marketing on your social media!

6. Hosting Giveaways

Hosting social media giveaways is a great way to boost engagement for your accounts. While you focus on making the best giveaway campaign, we will deliver the free product to the winner of the campaign (picked by you).

Every time you make 20 sales using your affiliate skills, you are eligible to host a giveaway on the product most sold in your niche.

This 3-way collaboration amongst you, your audience and us will make for a great honourable side-hustle and a relationship fostering growth strategy.

7. Regular Payouts

We will take care of transferring the money you have made in your affiliate account on a monthly basis (on the last working day of the month).

This payment will be transferred to you via bank account transfer, UPI or store credits, whichever method you prefer!

III. Deliverables as a Posh UGC Ambassador

Now that we have discussed your perks as a Posh UGC Ambassador, let's get into what's expected from you as one.

1. Expected Frequency of Content

The Programme requires our ambassadors to make a minimum of 3 social media posts per month on their accounts to promote the product.

Remember, the more you post and promote, the more chances of you making money in your affiliate account!

2. Tone of Content

UGC is different from influencer marketing because it does not aim to highlight the fact that this product is given for free to the creator, instead it promotes the idea that the content creator is a user of the product.

Make sure the way you promote is less promotional and more authentic as an end user not a promoter.

3. Raw Footage Deliverables

The content you make can be in any formats that have proven to bring the most visibility for your audience and the platform you post them on.

However, you must also submit them to us in raw footage before adding any voiceovers, filters, emojis, stickers and texts.

Read why we ask for raw footage and usage right here.

4. Usage Rights

The agreement guidelines state that Posh reserves the usage rights to this content bank in exchange for the monetary benefits you earn from your affiliate sales.

5. Content Creation Guidebook

Since we intend to use the content you create as a part of our brand's content bank, there are a few content guidelines you must fulfil:

Aspect Ratios:

  • 16:9 for Youtube videos
  • 9:16 for Youtube Shorts, Instagram reels, Facebook reels, Pinterest video pins
  • 4:3 OR 1:1 for Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook picture posts

Ratio for Texts in Video Content:

All content you produce must be clear and the text must be readable within the specified aspect ratio to be acceptable as the ideal format.

  • 4:3 aspect ratio for all readable and clickable text

Raw Footage:

  • Before editing any fonts as part of the video, make sure you save a copy of the raw footage in the same aspect ratios as mentioned above
  • Share it with us in the best quality in suitable formats

6. Content Posting Guidebook

While the content frequency remains the same for all platforms, the posting requirements are different for each.

If you are a Youtube creator:

  • you must mention the product thrice in your videos posted in a month for however duration it seems fit depending on the total video duration

IV. Starter Kit we will provide you with

1. Brand Philosophy

We can get on a quick call to discuss the brand ethos in detail for you to have a clear vision about the brand's philosophy. 

2. Logo, Tagline & Contact Details

We will provide you our logo, tagline and contact details to authentically promote the product you are making user generated content for. Feel free to use these resources and make your content seem trustworthy.

3. Helpful Information and Blogs

If you need any assistance for the specific product's specifications, uses, ways to market it, etc, we'll be here to guide you. The best outcome needs all the information and the more questions you ask, the better your content will turn out.

For instance, if you wish to make user generated content for a coffee mug, this is one blog you can refer to for content ideas: 5 Creative Uses for a Coffee Mug.

Still have questions about the programme? Read these most asked FAQs for the Posh UGC Ambassador Programme.

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