FAQs: Posh UGC Ambassador Programme (Most Asked Questions)

If you have read everything about the Posh UCG Ambassador Programme and still have questions, we'll answer them here.

Most Asked Facts and Questions for UGC Programme

1. How is UGC Ambassador different than an influencer?

All product influencers are content creators who receive free products but not all influencers know how to make money over and over again with their same batch of free products.

UGC creators have the unique ability to transform a product into a lifestyle, rather than just a one-time purchase.

The difference between both is that as a brand ambassador using UGC (user generated content), you're very much inclined to generate more income for yourself by putting in the required effort.

The perks are definitely worth it!

2. How to pick a product for myself to make the most out of it?

The goal is to find a product that aligns to your specific industry or niche. This would facilitate you to make content for an audience that naturally aligns with your brand, making collaboration more organic and authentic.

3. When will I receive my free product?

Once you have onboarded by agreeing to the terms of these deliverables via email as your conformation, we will ship your free product within the next 3 working days.

4. Why does Posh ask for an onboarding fee from the ambassadors as a prerequisite?

Please note that this one-time fee is our way of filtering out non-serious participants to avoid losses of delivering free products and not getting the expected results. We get numerous requests for free products. Asking for a refundable fee ensures that only serious marketeers onboard with us.

5. How will I get the refund of my one-time fee?

Once a customer makes a sale using your dedicated affiliate code, we will refund the amount in your affiliate account along with the commission from this product sold. At the end of the month, it will reflect in your preferred mode of payment destination.

6. Is it possible to withdraw from the programme once I sign the contract?

Please note that once you agree to onboarding, you must make at least 6 posts to entice your audience to be hooked to the product. It usually takes this many attempts to ignite the recall factor in a potential customer before they make a sale.

7. Why does Posh ask for usage rights?

We intend to use the content from User-generated-content creators as our content bank for reposting on our channels.

Having content usage rights is imperative to use the content for marketing or advertising purposes. Sharing UGC without rights opens the door to user-generated content copyright infringement.

8. Why does Posh ask for raw footage?

Since we will need to customise the reposted content depending on the platform it will be uploaded on, raw footage will be required to personalise it accordingly.

While Instagram requires different call to action for a video, Snapchat has other call-to-action user interface. With raw footage, the cross-platform usage of content is easily manageable. It also gives us the flexibility to take part in trend videos that don’t require lip synching.

9. Will Posh reserve the right to reject a UGC creator request?

While there is absolutely no followers count prerequisite for a creator to onboard with us, there are still some factors we will account in before signing a contract with you. We reserve the right to reject an onboard proposal in the undermentioned cases

  • the style of photography, videography doesn't synergise with the brand philosophy
  • avoiding potential scams
  • history of non-compliance with contracts signed with other brands
  • lack of proper communication and inconsistency in responding to emails
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