#OnlyOneEarth (India): Eco-friendly isn't a Fad, it's a Way of Better Living

#OnlyOneEarth (India): Eco-friendly isn't a Fad, it's a Way of Better Living

Hello readers!

Greetings of the World Environment Day 2022 from team Posh The Studio

Today, we're giving you an insight about how we're doing our bit towards saving the environment by opting for "eco-friendly" packaging and branding strategy.

#OnlyOneEarth is the theme for this annual event led by UNEP. This year, Sweden is the host country.

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By reading this blog further, we're going to tell our readers about-

  • why more businesses should adopt a sustainable packaging strategy
  • what eco-friendly packaging means for us, and
  • how we plan to take our pledge towards #OnlyOneEarth further

A Sustainable Eco-friendly Packaging Strategy:

Environment in a Frenzy:

With a rapid growth of organised retail & e-commerce sector facilitating exports, there has been a 200% increase in packaging consumption in India in the last decade (source: Indian Institute of Packaging, IIP). 

world environment day 2022 #onlyoneearth eco-friendly packaging brands in india for quality design and decor

Naturally, one must be aware about their individual as well as organisational capacity for leaving carbon footprints on the Earth.

Role of competitive landscape:

According to the same source as mentioned above, packaging consumption has risen from 4.3 kg per person per annum (pppa) to 8.6 kg pppa.

Reason: Like most growing sectors, packaging industry in India and abroad is not prone from the competitive landscape.

In fact, we're living in an era of "fancy freebies".

Is there an environmental cost of the "Fancy Freebies"?

Every business in their initial stage has probably been given an advice about levelling-up their packaging game to attract more buyers.

It often means, making the unboxing experience extremely pleasing for the consumer by adding as many freebies as the general standards of the respective industry.

After all, aesthetics happen to be everything in 2022!

Helping Sustainably with "Eco-friendly" Packaging

Packaging conveys so much about the design aesthetics of any brand. Yet, none of the 2 orders Posh The Studio has shipped in the past had 100% identical packaging.


A non-uniform packaging style for #poshXstudio products

Like all businesses, Posh The Studio considers packaging as one of the primary branding determinants. 

But you might be wondering, how can a design brand with no uniform style of packaging hope to leave its mark?

Well, we believe that our policy of using average looking recycled packaging might be very off-beat in the era of fancy freebies. But it sure speaks volumes about the concept that we strengthening: #OnlyOneEarth.

Packaging is very expensive and most of it often lands up in wastelands anyway. We'd rather start small than cause harm to the landfills and oceans.

Hence, at Posh: The Studio we have opted to use reused and recycled corrugated cardboard boxes, old newspaper cutouts, reused envelopes and only minimal plastic packaging (for cushioning of fragile items only).

We're only using the little fraction of plastic packaging til more eco-friendly and pocket-friendly packaging alternatives in emerge in the Indian markets.

(In the picture, the plastic bubble wrap used is from my father's business packaging discards. Therefore, it often has branding from other brands on the packaging but that's okay with us as long as it's good for the environment)

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Eco-friendly isn't a Fad, it's a Way of Better Living

Re-usable "Posh: The Studio" business cards-

How often has a business card received from somebody seemed unique to you?

Very often, we're quite sure if you are a hoarder or lovely-looking souvenirs.

What if we told you, you could grow a sapling out of old business cards?

Replacing "Use & Throw" with "Use & Grow"

That's exactly the type of cards we're using at Posh The Studio for an eco-friendlier option of networking and branding. Take a look at them below!

Once the customer follows the simple instructions on the backside of our business card aka visiting card, the plant sapling looks something like this-

An ode to the Environment- #OnlyOneEarth

Our packaging might not be 100% plastic-free yet, but we have pledged to use as much reused mailing parcel boxes as possible.

This must explain to our readers the reason why none of the 2 orders shipped by us are identical.

We're doing our ethical bit to save the environment by reusing creatively. Every order thus becomes special, unique and a friend of the environment.

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