India is Witnessing a Renaissance in the Art of Gifting - and We’re Helping!

India is Witnessing a Renaissance in the Art of Gifting - and We’re Helping!

Did you know that gift giving or the art of gifting is one of the 5 love languages (source: Gottman Institute).

The act of gifting somebody might be considered as one where emotions are overpowered by money. Although, some people consider it- an art!

Gifting: An art of re-establishing unique connections

While you're here, can you think of a person who has given you a very meaningful gift in the past?

The Art of Gifting | Posh The Studio India

Chances are you still have very fresh memories of the experience. (Along with a secure place for the gift in your home and heart!)

That is exactly what gifts are supposed to do! Create a memorable experience for the gift receiver.

Gift giving is much more than spending cash on your loved ones!

There are 2 types of gift givers- ones who do it for the sake of impressing the receiver and the others who like spending hard-earned money on their loved ones!

The former type (aka the ones with the art of gifting) will spend hours or even days looking for their perfect gift. Even if it means going the extra mile (digging into their habits, personal interests, talking to family and siblings, etc).

Is giving and receiving gifts overhyped?

It's one of those situations where we'd say, the context matters!

We cannot expect to give or receive gifts every time there's an occasion. Especially if you have a lot of minimalist life practitioners around you!

But suppose your friend is finally moving to a house they bought with their spouse. A new house would require some sort of personalisation to make it a home. Wouldn't it?

This is when housewarming gifts come into play. A small flower pot, a photo frame set or perhaps a fancy key-holder?

Housewarming Gifts India | Posh The Studio


Hence, the context of giving a gift matters! Afterall, there's a reason we see a spike in sales during the holiday season (it's not just meant for big corps to earn quick cash!).

Is India Witnessing a Renaissance in the art of gifting?

A thorough analysis of Indian handicrafts industry:

  1. Prior to the English rule in India, our handicrafts industry was renowned across the world. Infact, it was the biggest source of employment for people under the patronage of local rulers and Nawabs!

  2. However, the British period in India saw a rapid decline in handicrafts because of industrialisation and trade policies of the English.

  3. Post Independence, the primary focus of the country became catering to the citizen's basic needs (roti, kapda or makaan aka food, clothes & housing).

It's no wonder that the extent of the industry stayed limited to creating awareness regarding the age-old arts and culture.

Indian Handicraft Industry | Posh The Studio


While the rest of the world became more and more progressive with their crafts and commercialism, India could barely make it a priority.

So what really has changed now?

Post covid, we've all come across plenty of acquaintances who decided to give their creative hobbies a go! Some for passing time, some for staying sane.

Creativity happens when you're doing it for leisure!

Is there any commercial potential of these creative hobbies? Do they stand strong in comparison to mass produced goods?

Lately, things have changed for the better. We're witnessing a renaissance in the art of gifting.

A spike in big and small gifts/handicrafts companies:

Up until a few years ago, we had very few options when it came to finding offbeat friendship day gifts, rakhi gifts & more!

Every rakhi and friendship band used to look identical. Same goes for the archies gift cards and merchandise for father's day, valentine's day, wedding anniversaries, etc.

Despite India being a massively young populated country that has a very rich cultural background.. there used to be very few options in the commercial market to pick quality customised gifts from.

However, it has all changed in the last couple years.

Meeting the needs of the rising middle class:

According to, the middle class in India saw a growth during the period 1991-2015. Furthermore, the years 2015-2050 are considered immensely important for more development in terms of per capita incomes.

Rise of Middle Class in India | Posh The Studio


This expansion of the middle class in India is going to enhance the domestic consumption. So there's more hope for our country's Make In India initiatives afterall! It would be catering to this increased domestic demand in every possible industry!

Here's how Posh The Studio is helping:

The idea behind our mission is simple: creating unique, timeless and elegant art for everyone. All of our products are conceptualised, designed and manufactured in India.

Posh The Studio for Quirky Gifts Online in India

Moreover, we're coming up with new ideas that support the creative pursuits. For instance, our 3rd collection #poshXplaces is a tribute to our heritage (especially of our homestate Rajasthan).

Making The Art of Gifting simpler with our distinguished collections:

At Posh The Studio, we came up different collections dedicated to art which makes it easier to pick a gift for your loved ones.

All Collections for Online Gifts by Posh The Studio

Check out our collections below:


Dedicated to a fun and quirky take on merchandise inspired from pop culture.


Customised gifting for digital illustrations as photo frames, mugs, fridge magnets & more.


Travel memorabilia (souvenirs) for travel lovers with a tribute to heritage of India.


With a strong belief that we undermine colour psychology in our daily lifestyle, Posh The Studio has come up with this unique collection of colourful pastel coloured ceramic coffee mugs for your home, office or anywhere you'd prefer to have your cup of coffee!

Also find: exquisite illustration photo frames.


An excellent personalised gift for everyone wishing to celebrate their dog, cat or any other cute paws!

Check out our gift card option: POSH Digital Gift Card

Not sure what to gift to your loved ones? Well, we've made it easy for you! Just pick a denomination for your gift and send the digital gift card to them directly!

Once they use this card, discount worth the chosen denomination will directly be applied when they check out.

Here's the link to our digital gift card.

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