Happy FIRST Birthday to POSH!

Happy FIRST Birthday to POSH!

I never really understood why people called their companies their 'babies'.

But ever since I've started treating POSH as the most uplifting thing about my life.. things have changed.

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I've never been a fan of babies

Can't pinpoint how & when it started. But there's one thing for certain, I have always been jfhdkcjxjc of how much attention they demand for! 🤦🏻

I'm not a parent & it's been so long since I last coddled or even held a baby, but it's certain that they can teach their caregivers lessons that they'd never thought one had to learn.

My bond with POSH is exactly like that of a kid and their caregiver.

  • It demands for attention,
  • falls out of line when left unnoticed for long and
  • creates experiences to cherish for a lifetime.

Performance over time: golden rule of SEO!

It's aptly said that good things take time. In case of SEO & marketing, it's the golden rule to remember.

The website www.poshthestudio.com has performed marvellously overtime. It has not only garnered amazing statistics in terms of organic performance, but also converted a lot of these organic visitors into SALES!

Support from mentors

A big thanks to Atul Verma for guiding me throughout. Also, for running #GoogleAds for campaigns that brought in results.

Your contribution as a Consultant for Posh The Studio is worth celebrating!

Celebrating the strangers who trusted us

1 year ago when I had made the website live, I had very little hopes that visitors who were strangers would be willing to pay in advance.

Grateful to the first time visitors who chose to put their trust in the brand.

I'm aware that it doesn't happen to every e-commerce venture, especially when it comes to the Indian audience. But times are changing!

The baby transformed me as an individual

Looking back at the past one year, a lot has been achieved. Perhaps the best thing about it has been the way Posh The Studio has transformed me, as an individual. It has-

  • taught me more patience
  • connected me with likeminded #creativepreneurs
  • instilled the need to be more consistent & disciplined

Happy Birthday POSH 🎉 I'm excited to grow more with you. Grateful to have you 🧿

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