5 Creative Uses for a COFFEE MUG (Other than Drinking Coffee)

5 Creative Uses for a COFFEE MUG (Other than Drinking Coffee)

It's a common understanding that crockery and utensils belong in the kitchenware section of your home.

But hey, wait! It's 2022!

There's literally nothing stopping you from doing what you want. So why not be creative with your home and organisation?

Make your home more practically & visually organised with Coffee Mugs!

Have you ever wondered what do coffee mug hoarders do with their coffee mugs?

If you are person who appreciates an everyday quirk in your lifestyle, this blogpost is for you! 😉

We're listing 5 creative uses for your coffee mugs that are aesthetically offbeat.

    1. Desk organisers
    2. Medi-kits
    3. Baking cupcakes
    4. Candle containers
    5. Makeup organisers

5 Creative Uses for a Coffee Cup (Other than Drinking Coffee):

1. Organising! A tidy desk = tidy mind.

If you have a lot of clutter on your desk at all times, it is going to affect your overall productivity.

Although, with a quirky little organisation.. you can make your desk much much neater!

Get a favourite coloured mug, put up all the extra stationary in it, place it in a corner and just get to work!

creative uses for a coffee mug how to use a mug in home reusing old spare coffee cups

Say, you own a Hogwarts House Mug as a potterhead student who goes to a muggle world University.

It would make more sense to use your favourite mug as a stationary organiser since you get to see it at all times now!

2. A cold/flu recovery kit

Winters are about to commence and there's nothing worse than falling prey to those common colds!

Store some cough syrup or menthol tablets, a nasal spray, thermometer and some medicines in a coffee mug.

Pro tip: you can even take this recovery kit as a gift to a friend who is sick.

In addition to being a smart holder, the cup also doubles as a soup drinking utensil! Everytime your friend takes a sip, they'll be reminded of your thoughtfulness for sure.

3. Baking: 5-minute cup-cake bakes

Everyone who loves self-baked cakes knows how problematic living alone can get when you’re craving a homemade brownie.

This is when 5 minute cake bake recipes come to the rescue!

Get, set, bake!

You just need some basic ingredients or a readymade flour-cake mix along with your microwave safe mug. Here’s one mug recipe to bake an eggless cake in Microwave.

This is a perfect use for your quality mugs.

4. Decorative candle container/ holder

Scented candles make for excellent festive gifts.

Imagine having a very aesthetic decorative candle holder along with your DIY candles!

They will not only stand out as unique containers, but will also bring a smile on the personalised mug-candle receiver’s face every time they see it!

Note that your mug needs to be strong enough to withhold extreme temperature. Most ceramic mugs that are microwave friendly will do that for you!

Check out our best seller microwave and dishwasher safe ceramic mug.

5. Make up essentials organiser

If you are somebody who uses make-up occasionally but do not really own a lot of makeup accessories, use a spare coffee mug to organise them!

pastel pink ceramic mug cute gifts for her gifts for make up lovers india

Make the dressing table pop-up with colour by choosing a mug that would suit your style!

Black mugs

Blue mugs

Green mug

Yellow mugs

    Pink mug

    Red mug

    Orange mug

    That’s the end of our list!

    Which one do you see yourself implementing in your home? 😉 Let us know in the comments.

    Share these ideas with your coffee cup lover friends or just gift them one that they would love!

    And if you happen to know any other off-beat, creative ideas about using ceramic mugs, do let us know in the comments below!

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