Top 33 Rakhi Gifts for your Sister to Buy in 2023

Top 33 Rakhi Gifts for your Sister to Buy in 2023

Yes, we do know that some of you brothers are always waiting til the last minute to shop for rakhi gifts for your sister.

Yes, we ALSO know that even in 2023, whether or not you find women difficult to understand, your sister indeed is the most difficult woman to understand for those (read most) of us who grew up with emotionally avoidant sibling relationships.

With rakshabandhan just around the corner, you have enough time to find a present for your dearest sister if you haven't already! Before we show you our curated list of our top picks for rakhi gifts in 2023, here's a sneak peak into what kind of gifts you can find in this list-

Ready to find the perfect rakhi gift you're looking for? Let's begin!

The importance of giving rakhi gifts to sister in Hindu culture

Hindu culture is not often looked at fondly by us GenZs who think of many rituals and rites as being outdated. Lately, I've found myself looking into reasons why some aspects of this culture have always made sense and will continue to.

As for the festival of rakshabandhan and its simple associated rituals-

  1. Your sister ties or parcels a rakhi to you regardless of the fact that you get on each other's nerves so often than not (the ways might change, but the core idea of irritating remains the same as it always was)
  2. You give her a small gift be it something as small as a sticker, a chocolate or as huge as, well... (resisting VERY HARD to not insert the gift I have my *manifestations* set on)

Is there a present day relevance of gift-giving on rakhi?

In Hindu Culture, Rakhi Gifting is NOT a mere capitalist agenda.

Throughout their history right from the ancient times, Indians are known for their notions of simple living. Posh living standards were only a factor medieval times onwards, and that too just as an element of life of the nobility. Regular dwellers of our land have always found to be living in their simple kattcha huts with minimal utensils, cot for sleeping and two (if not more) pairs of clothing.

Even during and after independence, the call for simple living standards were strengthened by Mahatma Gandhi.

So what makes the festival of rakhi a popular gifting season despite "Roti, Kapda or Makaan" as being our basic mantra of priorities?

Gifting is one of the FIVE love languages!

It's a philosophy of making and keeping relations, backed by science.

Most Indian families might be more inclined to keep their emotions at bay and not having hearty conversations/ being very open about their deepest feelings, specially with bonds that have been shared over the years as a part of our core conditioning.

But luckily, even for us believers of simple-living.. there exist universal love languages as 5 types- gift giving being one of them!

Is it not great to have these tender feelings be a part of our long followed rituals?

Take a look at our list of top 33 rakhi gifts for your sister to buy in 2023-

Pastel Pink (Barbie Inspired) Rakhi Gifts- Pink Ceramic Coffee Mugs

The movie Barbie took the whole world by a storm in 2023. Whether you're a fan of Barbie or not, we're sure you accompanied your sister to join in with the hype. Mark this year off as the one where you bonded over the pink-mania by opting for a pink gift this rakhi.

Here's our list of pastel pink merchandise from the collection #poshXpastel. Find the one your sister would like best!

1. Pastel Pink Coffee MUG "Work Work Work"


2. Pastel Pink Coffee MUG "Looking Good, Feeling Good"

Barbie Inspired Rakhi Gifts for 2023 a cute pastel pink coffee mug that can be used as a make-up organiser


3. Pastel Pink Coffee MUG “Seize Today"


Rakhi Gifts for Plant Lovers/ Best Gifts for Anthophiles-

Is your sister slowly turning your home into an urban jungle space? Thank her with this thoughtful range of gifts we designed for anthophiles like her!

Plants mean so much more to plant lovers than just a hobby. Keeping this thought in mind, we designed some merchandise with the sentiment that an anthophile holds in their heart for their garden.

4. Illustration Photo FRAME “Grow Through What You Go Through”


5. Aesthetic Pinewood Photo FRAME “A Cozy Home Nook”


6. Customised Gift Hamper for Plant Lovers: Ceramic Coffee Mug, 2 Photo Frames & Set of 4 Bookmarks


7. Pastel Green Coffee MUG “Grow Through What You Go Through”


Motivational Themed Gifts for Kitchen & Home Decor

Everyone needs a booster dose of motivation right in the mornings to set their mood accordingly for a day of hard work. Some do it with exercising, others opt for a coffee or tea.

Whichever category your sister falls under, we're sure you'll find atleast one gift for her to give on rakhi from this list of motivation themed merchandise. Take a peak-

8. Pastel Blue Coffee MUG “Seize Today"


9. Illustration Photo FRAME “Vibing & Thriving”


10. Pastel Yellow Coffee MUG “Seize Today"


11. Sun & Cactus Illustration: Aesthetic Photo FRAME “Dream Work Achieve”


12. Pastel Blue Coffee MUG “Vibing & Thriving”


13. Aesthetic Illustration CANVAS Wall Art "Trust The Process"


Rakhi Gifts in cute Pastel shades- Ceramic Mugs and Art Frames

Girls tend to love everything pastel. How do we know, you ask? Well, our founder is a girl and she dedicated an entire collection to lovely merchandise in pastel shades!

The list includes cute coffee mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, canvas wall hangings and artwork photo frames for living room and bedroom decor.

Take a look at some of the best sellers-

14. Pastel Yellow Coffee MUG “Make Each Day A Lil More Bright”


15. Pack of 3 Pastel Designer Coffee MUGS: “Seize Today" COMBO


16. Beachside Illustration: Aesthetic Photo FRAME “Live More Each Day”


Gifts for Bibliophiles: Bookmarks!

If your sister can never get her head out of a book, we know she'll love these cute bookmarks making them the perfect gifts for rakhi. We designed these affordable sets of 4 bookmarks for bibliophiles just like her!

17. "Aesthetic Abstract" BOOKMARKS (Gifts for Bibliophiles)


18. "Cactus" BOOKMARKS: Set of 4 (Pink, Black, White & Blue)


Self Care Themed Merchandise as Rakhi Gifts

If your sister loves turning her home into a sanctuary of self-care reminders, this is the perfect type of rakhi gift to pick for her this rakshabandhan. With these merchandise, she can infuse both style and wellness as a part of her lifestyle decorating needs.

Let's take a look at some-

19. Sun, Moon & Ocean Waves: Aesthetic Photo FRAME “Inhale Exhale”


20. "Feel Your Very Best" Pinewood Photo FRAME


21. "Self Love Club" Pinewood Photo FRAME


Rakhi Gift for an Astrology loving sister

22. Personalised Zodiac Sign Ceramic Coffee Mug


The Best Gifts for Over thinkers!

Are you always tired of reminding your sister not to over-think? Well, we know how it sometimes even gets on your nerves when she doesn't seem to take the advice.

Try letting her know the same, but instead of using words.. do it with aesthetic decor stuff! She'll definitely be taken by surprise since it gets the message across tangibly!

23. "No FOMO, Only JOMO" Square Pinewood Photo FRAME


24. Pastel Yellow Coffee MUG “Think Less Feel More”


25. "Everything Will Fall In Place" Pinewood Photo FRAME


26. "It's a Good Day To Have A Good Day" Photo FRAME


27. Pastel Blue Coffee MUG “It's A Good Day”


Rakhi Gifts for fans of Pop Culture

Is your sister a major pop-culture nerd? Get her accessories to celebrate this love for her favourite pop culture moments.

Here's a list of 3 gifts we have shortlisted from our #poshXpop collection that will be suitable as her rakhi gifts in 2023-

28. Red Coffee MUG "Pivot" (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)


29. Illustration Photo FRAME "Harley Quinn" (Suicide Squad)


30. Coffee Quotes by Lorelai Gilmore Photo FRAME (Gilmore Girls)


3 BONUS Rakhi Gifts for your Sister to Buy this Rakshabandhan 2023!

This list would be incomplete without a last minute gift and customised gifts section. From our latest launches on Posh The Studio, we present 3 bonus rakhi gifts to pick from-

31. Evil Eye Pinewood Photo FRAME (Good Vibes Only)


32. Customised Solo DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION “Aesthetic Minimal”

posh the studio jaipur quirky gifts personalised home decor customised picture frame digital artwork christmas secret santa gifts black friday 2021 sale online india ceramic coffee mug gifts for friends gifts for family housewarming gifts best online gift


33. Digital Gift Card: Posh The Studio Gifts of Love


To sum it up-

You do not have to take a pressure to alter your core emotional identity altogether as soon as you've watched Barbie 🙄 and were assured that it's okay for men to express themselves in front of those who love and care for them 💕

You can, however.. shop for a gift that your sister is going to find meaningful coming from you 😉 you have known her for all her life after all and we guarantee you.. with our curated list of diverse gifts... it'll be a breeze looking for THAT gift that makes her think "Ahaa, he does get me!!!" 💕

Happy shopping! ✨

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