THIS Is Why Our Ceramic Coffee Mugs (Made In India) Are NOT Overpriced

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Today we're addressing an issue about the pricing structure of our ceramic coffee mugs being not appropriate according to the Indian market.

Although it's a brand's personal choice to set their pricing, very often we've come across this viewpoint:

"Why would somebody buy your expensive ceramic coffee mugs when there are numerous options in the market available today at much more competitive rates?"

Just how we get to decide our own pricing, our customers get to decide whether or not they like our product!

What makes our designer coffee mugs unique?

While we cannot make you like our aesthetic, it's our responsibility to let you know how our product is different than the cheaper alternatives found in the Indian markets (the ones you find at DMart, 99stores, etc).

The 3 kinds of Ceramic Coffee Mugs:

To begin with, let's dive deeper into the 3 variants of ceramic coffee mugs available in the market.

1. Very cheap, lightweight and unique coffee mugs found in DMart, 99stores, Amazon, Flipkart, etc-

These look really fancy and are very cheap. Also Made in India but it's 'chini mitti' ie the very fragile material you see used in our homes as tea-cups.

- insert vid

These coffee mugs are extremely lightweight, as evident in this video above. Which makes them really easy to break, sometimes with no fault of yours.

Perks of these ceramic coffee mugs:

  1. Cheap
  2. Easy to find
  3. Every piece is handcrafted, hence making it unique

Major CONS of the cheap ceramic mugs found on Amazon, Flipkart, etc:

  1. Not very durable
  2. Not supported in microwaves
  3. Not compatible with dishwashers

2. Marginally cheaper (than ours) Made in China ceramic mugs

The Chinese variants are identical to our mugs but they're marginally cheaper. They're comparatively heavy than the first category of 'chini mitti' mugs.

- insert vid

Because of the mechanised mass production of almost everything in China, we know why these variants are cheap.

And because of the adverse impact of this trade with China, we also know why we must avoid these products as conscious consumers & citizens.

Perks of Made in China ceramic coffee mugs:

  1. Slightly cheaper than Made in India mugs
  2. Easy to find in almost every gifting and mug printing shop near you

Major CONS of the Made in China ceramic coffee mugs:

  1. Do not support the Indian economy
  2. Harmful for local manufacturing businesses from India
  3. Flocking the market with unoriginal and identical designs

3. Our Made in India Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Our mugs are heavier, sturdier and look almost the same as the Made in China variants. They're each uniquely designed with so much thought & sourced ethically from 🇮🇳 Gujarat.

- vid

Cons of our ceramic coffee mugs:

  1. Expensive compared to the 'chini mitti' variant (also made in India)
  2. Slightly expensive than the chinese variant

Perks of our ceramic coffee mugs:

  1. Microwave safe
  2. Compatible with dishwashers
  3. Each design is unique, made with an inspiring thought behind it
  4. Very durable (we've tested the samples at our home and they're still amazing after 16+ months of usage)
  5. Support the Indian manufacturers based in Gujarat

Find how we make our product designs stand out!

- vid

Now that you know everything about each variety, you can check out our unique collections for designer ceramic coffee mugs-

(Zodiac Sign Inspired Gifts)

(Cute pastel coloured mugs in different colours)

(Also read: 5 coffee cup uses besides coffee)

Right now our products are not cheaper than the handmade 'chini mitti' mugs that have engravings & pottery finish.

We're eventually going to upscale our inventory in terms of material, shapes & sizes. It's a very interesting prospect as well, but currently not economically feasible for us to mass produce these.

India is witnessing a renaissance in the art of gifting

As India is progressing towards becoming a manufacturing hub (gradually replacing China) we're doing our bit to help it by only using the Indian made raw material for our products.

We're focused on bringing authentic designs to you on Indian made mugs because that's the option we have!

It's easy to blame India 🇮🇳 for not being innovative enough, not having cute stuff manufactured at competitive rates. But let's be real.

We're very serious about making the best out of whatever is available even if it comes at the cost of growing slowly. No complaints, just balancing the right dose of creativity & hard work 🥂 with your love ❤️

Signing off, @poshthestudio

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