Introducing: Aesthetic Pine Wood Photo Frames For Home Decor

Introducing: Aesthetic Pine Wood Photo Frames For Home Decor

Latest addition to our store: Pine Wood Photo Frames

Is your favourite colour scheme CLASSIC or CLASSY?

If you love the colours black and brown for your photo framing requirements, you're a classic lover at heart.

Although, if you wish to add a little class to your existing home decor, we recommend adding a tinge of beige and whites. They will brighten up the decor of any room whilst leaving a classy impression to it.

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The lighter shades complete all wall colours alike, be it dark or white. Although, mixing them with similar patterns in a minimal style is our personal favourite!

What do you think?

Check out our aesthetic prints with pinewood photo frame collection below and decide for yourself!

"Dream Work Achieve"

We added this print to our home decor collection recently. It's inspired from the "Vibing & Thriving" artwork we made last year for our designer mugs collection.

This aesthetic print with Sun & Cactus illustration is an everyday motivation for you to look at and get inspired from. The design is also a part of our #poshXpastel collection comprising of similar pastel coloured products.

Get one of these for your vision board or work desk and never waste a minute again looking for upliftment to Dream BIG, Work MORE & Achieve all that you dream for!

This photo frame in pine wood perfectly complements the subtle nude shades of the artwork. It is perfect for gifting purposes on housewarming parties!


What is the best thing about sitting on a beach?

For me, it is the soothing aura of the waves gently crashing on the coastside.

This artwork is a personal favourite because it reminds me to slow down, focus better on my breathing and let go of the tensions accumulated when everything gets a little fast paced.

I designed this to go above my headboard, making it the first thing to look at right in the morning.

This exclusive print "Inhale-Exhale" is inspired from the Sun, Moon and Ocean Waves. Get one of these for your living room or bedroom and add a minimal reminder to make your headspace a bit more relaxed each day.

"Live More Each Day"

By making our everyday life better disciplined, we hope to climb higher and move faster. But we start feeling monotonous when things are going the same way each day.

Get yourself an aesthetic wall photo frame that reminds you to "Live more each day", no matter if it's disciplined or haphazardly going. What matters in the end is a feeling of fulfillment.

If you're not living more each day, you can't make it better the next day!

The soothing colour palette is chosen to make your living space more serene. Available in 2 sizes, this print comes framed in a quality finish pine wood photo frame made in Jaipur.

Stay in touch to check out more cute stuff!

We're updating our inventory by bringing in more design products each day. At Posh, we're celebrating our first anniversary with a whole load of new quirky items to all of our collections:

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