How we Make Sure Posh Products are THE BEST

Hello, PoshxPeople!

Today we’re writing about a very generic subject, but the read is worth every second of your time!

We believe that every single brand that you come across promises A1 quality in their services.

So do we, at Posh.

Although, here's a moment of truth: everything is not that simple! And we’re willing to own up to it.

In the past, our quality has been average sometimes. With honest intentions and a will to grow, we were only delivering what we found to be the best at the time.

And the more we experimented with different samples from several partner-vendors, the more we got to know about the scope of improvement in our own products!

Here’s a little sneak peek into the effort that went behind ‘quality-check’ for every single product from our catalogue! *happy sobs*.

Behind The Scenes: The Partner-Vendor hunt!

It was in October last year when we received our first ever enquiry for a photo frame, while confirming an order for digital art. We were only selling digital art as our one single product during those days!

But, we loved that idea!

“Does this mean, I can decide what colours should go on my own mug???”
“I can MAKE, make my own gifts now???”
“No more ugly colour combinations on the things I find cute!!!”
Check out our first collection: POSHxPOP 

Before rebranding to Posh: The Studio we changed atleast a dozen vendor-partners, across 2 cities!

The relocation had nothing to do with the hunt, but it certainly factored in somewhere!

Everything we have delivered in the past 12 months was the best we found at the moment. Of course, it was a slow and somewhat frustrating procedure. Not every vendor-partner we approached was polite. For some of them, our small requirement was not worth catering to.

Seriously, no hard feelings towards any of them who rejected us, without even listening to the requirement and its scope. Every business has a set of rules for their workflow and they were just following theirs!

Also, hadn’t it been for those rejections, we wouldn’t have tried harder! Maybe it’s all a part of learning!

Slow & Steady wins the race!

It’s often said that the best way to expand your product-based endeavour is to offer more and more variety!

Although.. at Posh, we focus on selling less, but only the best!

Our inventory did not grow beyond 3 products, despite having received so many requests from our friends and family. We even decided to launch the website continuing with those same products we announced in November 2020.

Reason being simple: once we ventured into the industry, we had to be sure that each product was excellent before launching others and expanding inventory.

During these experiential months, in case the quality didn’t stand up to our expectations.. we returned the products, asked for re-do’s, or got it done from another vendor instead!

Some of these times, we paid for more than what we received. It was all part of the lessons as a beginner level entrepreneur.

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Our power source: each and every one of you!

As we announced the three products, we received more and more queries about them! We are so grateful for those patient customers who were willing to give us a space to experiment and grow, while PURCHASING something from us!

It was this trust placed in us by those lovely lot of you that motivated us to keep searching for better & better!

The current scenario:

The journey up until here has taught us one thing. The best way perfectionists can ensure quality is by in-house production! For us to grow, it is necessary to deliver the best quality. Of course it is very easy to cut costs by selling substandard goods, but that’s not what an ethical business would do.

We have begun investing judiciously in what YOU guys love the most!

Our photo frames have scaled up quality wise from those we had initially started with. Earlier we had limited options for mugs because of limited demand. With proper research and product hunt, we have come up with Indian made alternatives. Thus, carrying forward the idea of Make-in-India!

Thank you for all the love, support and good wishes!

But more than that, thank you for the trust! We hope that this love and faith placed in us keeps growing over time, just as we keep enhancing the quality we offer, consistently!

Adios, PoshxPeople, until the next blog!

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