Ensuring Durability of Coffee Mugs & Photo Frames by following these Care Instructions

Hello, poshXpeople!

If you have bought our unique ceramic coffee mugs or posh photo frames, we're writing today to let you know that we are HUMBLED with these purchases!

Now, let's talk about quality and durability of our home decor and gift merch!

Product Quality for Posh Ceramic Coffee Mugs & Wooden Photo Frames:

When we designed our unique merchandise, we were very particular about choosing the right raw material. We knew that a good brand always strives for quality, because that is what we would choose ourselves as rational consumers.

Each mug is handpicked by us with a thorough inspection of every individual piece. If there's ever a doubt that a given mug could fall prey to breakage before or after printing our designs, we instantly eliminate the pieces from our inventory.

Care Instructions for the Mugs:

  • Like most ceramic crockery, all Posh Mugs are Refrigerator, Microwave & Dishwasher safe. This means, your coffee mugs can definitely sustain harsh temperature conditions.
  • However, please do not use your coffee mugs on top of stove directly because it can cause mild to severe injuries. Chinaware can crack and break with direct heat application.

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  • Only use standard liquid dishwashing with a soft sponge. Avoid cracks by only using lukewarm or cold water to wash your mug.
  • Keep away from pets and small children. The crockery might break if dropped on the floor, thus causing a safety hazard.

    Care Instructions for the Photo Frames:

    • For cleaning, do not use any external chemicals, but only water.
    • Take a clean dry or wet cloth and swipe gently across the laminated surface to wipe away any traces of dirt.

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    • If you're moving houses and need to transport your photo frame, use nice packaging with bubble wrap.
    • Make sure you keep all sharp objects away while packaging, otherwise the object can poke a hole in the plywood of the frame.
    • The frames are lightweight and do not use glass to avoid any in-transit breakage.

      As much as we wish to keep serving you, we hope that you follow these above-mentioned steps to ensure longevity of our products!

      If you have any suggestions for us, please feel free to write to us. We always give a serious thought to every review!

      You can also add your comments below!

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