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"Khamma Ghani, Padharo Mhare Desh !" - An Appealing Rajasthan 

Rajasthan has always been a cultural pool wherein once people dive into, they cannot let their soul be separated from its mesmerising aura. We have picked up some gifts for travel lovers visiting the state for the first time or are frequent travellers to royal Rajasthan.

These gifts will drop in the very essence of Rajasthani culture into the hearts of your loved ones. 

From all the top tourist places that we have in Rajasthan, we bring you the best souvenirs from exotic places that show the uncanny piece of art by the royal state’s ancestors ( or, by nature itself).

Being the largest state of India by area, Rajasthan brings out so much diversity in terms of its cultural clothing, finger licking food, heritage sites and what not!

Heard of Ghevar before? If not, then let us just tell you that people often travel across state boundaries for the authentic taste of this delicious sweet from Rajasthan.

Posh - Ghevar - Tasteatlas



Ever worn a Rajputi Poshak before? If not, then visit heritage forts of Rajasthan and get photographs clicked wearing Poshaks that will make anybody feel like a King or a Queen.

Posh - Poshak - Gulabi dori jaipur



Undoubtedly, the royal state has a lot to offer when it comes to art, culture and heritage or even architecture, food and fabric

Gifts for Travel Lovers | #poshXplaces

Our office is located in the heart of Pink City (Jaipur) although our roots are from Bikaner. Thus, we decided to give a tribute to the rich heritage of Rajasthan with some art dedicated to the state.

You can buy these gifts for travel lovers online in India from our collection #poshXplaces.

1. Bikaner (Rampuria Haveli) : Gifts for Travel Lovers

Bikaner, a city that often goes synonymous with "Bhujia" is not only a hotspot for this tasty Namkeen delicacy but the town is also one of the country's largest exporters of leather articles and handicrafts.

Let us get your attention on the most prominent part of Bikaner, "The Pride of Bikaner- Rampuria Haveli".

The aesthetic design of the haveli appeals to the masses and has also been a hotspot for various photoshoots.

Rampuria Haveli was constructed in the 15th century. The prestigious task to build it was given to a local architect Balujee Chalva by the very affluent Rampuria family. The facade of the haveli has jaalis and jharokhas that look very appealing and is a very scenic amalgamation of British-Indian culture and architecture.

It continues to lure travellers and social media influencers because of its mesmerising beauty.

Illustration Photo Frame for wall decor (Rampuria Haveli, Bikaner)

You can buy this authentic digital art as gifts or souvenirs for travel lovers, made by Posh The Studio.

This illustration of Rampuria Haveli from Bikaner is available in two sizes currently. Use it as a wall decor accessory and give your walls an aesthetic appeal.

Illustration Canvas Artwork Rampuria Haveli, Bikaner

Available in four sizes, this illustration canvas totally has the potential to become a talk of the town for your homes.

We guarantee you, literally no guest will take their eyes off of it!

Illustration Fridge Photo Magnet Rampuria Haveli, Bikaner

Refrigerators are often the lost components of a home when it comes to home decor.

Presenting a cute little photo magnet with a beautiful illustration of the Rampuria haveli.

2. Jodhpur (The Blue City) : Gifts for Travel Lovers

Whilst making a plan to travel Rajasthan, many of us have heard of the Pink City (Jaipur). But not all gems are of the same colour, therefore we present to you: the Blue City of Rajasthan, Jodhpur.

Jodhpur has got plenty of forts to visit and the sheer size of the forts can leave anybody astounded. If we talk about the famous Mehrangarh fort then the fort itself covers an area of a whooping 5 sq km. Its boundary walls reach a height of 35 metres.

Mehrangarh fort has always been a spot for various big budget movies like Jodha Akhbar, Batman The Dark Knight Rises and far more.

It took almost 500 years for the construction of the fort to be completed.

Just to give an idea of how jaw dropping the above mentioned number is, "Taj Mahal'' took only 22 years to be built from scratch.

What makes Jodhpur the Blue City?

Although there's no defined reason officially as to why the city is known to be such, there are various theories about it. The most prominent amongst them is that the colour "Blue" has always been associated with Lord Shiva.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva gulped down a poisonous venom (so as to save the planet) which in turn changed the colour of his body to blue.

In order to symbolise the sacred belief of many of the residents towards Lord Shiva, they painted their houses with the colour blue and became a true follower of Shiva.

Hence, giving the city its name and taking pride in calling it a "Blue City".

With that being said, take a look at some breathtaking illustration designs which can be gifted to travel lovers. We have Photo Frames, Canvas, and Photo Magnets as souvenirs for this blue gem of Rajasthan.

Illustration Photo Frame for wall decor (Jodhpur the Blue City)

This beautiful illustration photo frame will lighten up any setting and its aura by its mere presence.

Did you know that the colour blue brings a vibe of calmness and serenity due to its shorter wavelength?

Buy this exotic photo frame here.

Illustration Canvas Artwork (Jodhpur the Blue City)

For a Jodhpur lover, what could be more aesthetic on a giant wall than a huge canvas which portrays the very essence of Jodhpur?

If you got a wall at home that looks dull, then give your interior a vibrant appeal by buying a 27*36 inch canvas and give complexion to your interior designer. ;)

Illustration Fridge Photo Magnet (Jodhpur the Blue City)

Most refrigerators are greyish-silver in colour, hence, this shade of the colour blue goes superb with the texture of it.

Click here to give a fancy look to your fridge.

3. Udaipur (City of lakes) : Gifts for Travel Lovers

If you are a traveller, a recently married couple or just a student wishing to go on a trip with your loved ones, then THIS IS THE PLACE! Ahaaaan!

Udaipur has its own charm and the more to say always becomes less when it comes to the “City of lakes”.

The various interconnected lakes of Udaipur approachable from anywhere in the city. It is the same city which has created a hype amongst the travellers worldwide with its "Great Wall of India" - the Kumbhalgarh fort.

Also worth mentioning, this fort has a 36 km long wall which can be seen from the International Space Station (ISS) and looks equally stunning when visited in person.

Udaipur is also popular for an Island Palace which was created long back in the 17th century with pure white marble. The palace takes over a whopping four acres of island. The palace has abundant luxurious utilities and an extravaganza with a lavish garden of its own.

Now with all that said about the gorgeous lake palace, let us present some beautiful illustration products of the same.

Illustration Photo Frame for wall decor (Udaipur- The city of lakes)

This photo frame by #poshXplaces can be used as a beautiful gift for various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, corporate gifting and what not.

We manufacture these photo frames in-house at our office located in Jaipur. sourcing all raw material from local vendors.

Click here to buy it.

Illustration Canvas Artwork (Udaipur- The city of lakes)

Not everyone can have giant fountains or artificial lakes installed at their homes. But what they can have is a somewhat realistic illusion of the same!

This City of Lakes illustration canvas artwork hung in the living room will suffice the need and also style the appearance of the place while making your space more memorable.

Buy it here.

Illustration Fridge Photo Magnet (Udaipur- The city of lakes)

Why have a boring kitchen when you can use essentials like a refrigerator to display your favourite memories?

Click here to buy the City of Lakes fridge magnet and gift it to all the travel lovers out there!

4. Jaipur (Hawa Mahal) : Gifts for Travel Lovers

After getting to know about the blue city from poshXplaces, let's take you on a tour of the Pink City, Jaipur.

The city is so rich in its culture and traditions but also has a blend of urban development (being the administrative capital of the state).

Constructed in the late 17th century, one of the most popular tourist places that we have in Jaipur is "Hawa Mahal". As the name suggests, the mahal has lots and lots of widows and eventually the name- Hawa Mahal!

Hawa Mahal consists of a flabbergasting 953 windows to keep the palace cool and properly ventilated. The architecture of the palace is so astonishing that architects from all over the globe have studied its construction and architecture.

Tourists including several Hollywood and b-town celebrities make it a point to visit the place. The sheer popularity of Hawa Mahal makes it so #instagrammable.

Illustration Photo Frame for wall decor (Jaipur Hawa Mahal)

Hawa Mahal is one of our highest selling souvenirs from the collection #poshXplaces.

Keep a life-long memory of an ethereal experience with you and get yourself a photo frame of the palace of winds today.

Click here to get yourself this beautiful photo frame.

Illustration Canvas Artwork (Jaipur Hawa Mahal)

Fancy having an architectural wonder incorporated in your home interiors? Well, this is your product!

Get this beautiful canvas artwork of an architectural masterpiece- Hawa Mahal. Bring class and elegance to your living room or bedroom wall decor.

Get our canvas artwork as gifts for a travel lover or yourself. Check it here.

Illustration Fridge Photo Magnet (Jaipur Hawa Mahal)

Hawa Mahal Fridge Photo Magnet is also one of our bestsellers.

Make a home decor style statement today, or buy one as a travel souvenir for a travel buddy!

Click here to buy.

5. Ranthambore (Banyan Tree) : Gifts for Travel Lovers

You might be wondering what could a giant tree possibly have that gives it a special mention and its illustration products!

We have all heard about the renowned Ranthambore National Park because of the presence of Bengal Tigers in the region that attract a lot of travellers globally.

But the park has one more enthralling beauty and that is the giant "Banyan Tree".

According to some Indian schools of thought, the downward falling branches of a banyan tree resemble human consciousness. The upward moving roots act as an anchor between that consciousness and karma.

Hence, it is a sacred binder between the deeds we do as humans and the results we get in life.

Now let's come back to some facts about our giant Banyan Tree of Ranthambore. This tree is the second largest banyan tree in the country. The tree and branches stretch across acres of land and have their own ecosystem.

Standing beneath it seems unreal and the utter thought of such an enormous figure gives goosebumps!

Illustration Photo Frame for wall decor (Ranthambore- Banyan Tree)

Presenting a gift for your loved ones as a beautiful photo frame of the Great Banyan Tree.

As it symbolises the sacred nature of "nature" itself, this illustration photo can be used as a home decor gift for housewarming and other occasions.

Click here to buy.

Illustration Canvas Artwork (Ranthambore- Banyan Tree)

Did you know that canvas artwork can create a sense of living in a larger space, without actually owning a big area?

Check out this beautiful piece here.

Illustration Fridge Photo Magnet (Ranthambore- Banyan Tree)

Give a sacred touch to your gifts for auspicious occasions with our fridge photo magnets.

Buy the photo magnet here.

Thank you for reading our list of gifts for travel lovers

With our third collection, #poshXplaces, we strive to give a similar surreal experience to our buyers with these alluring places’ pictures as memorable gifts for travel lovers.

Did you like this curated list of gifts?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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