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What it took to make THAT PRODUCT I always wanted to find but couldn't!

This has been a while! I last wrote a blog for the Posh magazine over a year ago!

Catching up where we left off..

The entire year was a whirlwind of designing new stuff, vendor hunts, expanding inventory, training interns, burnouts! and trying to keep up with the orders.

When I launched Posh, the idea was to create everything nice and aesthetic that I wanted to buy for my home decor and stationery needs.

Once the company got registered and things started materialising, I realised it was not going to be smooth-sailing. Yes, I'm trying to say that..

The last 2 years have humbled me down!

What it took to make THAT PRODUCT I always wanted to find but couldn't!

The humbling down came with a few roadblocks and the most significant one was the lack in confidence.

Losing confidence, again!

Criticism from friends, family and acquaintances with a background of secure jobs and well established businesses, setbacks and struggles in personal life took over the best in me.

Imposter syndrome took over when I started questioning myself based on outside voices. That explains the scarce online presence. Of course, all of my socials took a hit.

I managed to carry on somehow with faux legitimacy of what I do by creating more and catering to my existing list of to-dos.

I choose to call it faux because for a while there, I stopped believing in what I was doing.

It was reassuring to an extent to just balance everything. And it helped.

The return of ZENYA

I was catching up repeatedly with my childhood friends in November to overcome the tragic alteration in my life caused by the series of turbulent events in my personal life for the last couple of years.

They exclaimed how most of it was avoidable had I kept in touch and just let it out to someone who really got me! One of my best friends even pointed out how my current self was comparatively faring better than when we were kids.

She named this new version of me- ZENya! (It's a word pun on my name- Bhavya!)

In the midst of a personal life chaos, thanks to the supportive blanket of friends, I realised what made me stand out in the past was my originality. I did not have to analyse a lot to figure out what made my confidence dwindle over the months.

Finding THAT idea!

I spent weeks and weeks amidst personal turmoil to realise that I started Posh for the love of doing what I do. It was my escape from the other calamities beyond my control. And I needed to connect with myself better to find what speaks to me!

That is when I came up with the best way out of the stagnancy- the hunger in me to create (as an artist) needed to find THAT PRODUCT (as an #artpreneur) that could make Posh standout as a design brand. It took a lot of experimentation and willpower to stand back up again.

Looking into my strengths and the signs that had been there all along led to the idea of: Pastel CANDL!

I'll share more about it in the coming days. Here's a snapshot for now of the "Turn Up Your Magic" Yellow Pastel CANDL Mug.

For now, I'm happy to share the emotional and circumstantial backdrop of making this product that made me feel like myself again.

Dearest subscribers, I cherish the love and support wholeheartedly! And as my thank you, here's a coupon code to avail 15% off on the "Turn Up Your Magic" Pastel CANDL!

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Have a great day ahead and thank you for reading!

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