9 Reasons Why Posh's Pastel Soy Wax Candle is the Coolest!

Step into the world of tranquility and sophistication with Posh's Pastel Soy Wax Candle – a true embodiment of cool elegance.

This article unveils the nine compelling reasons why this unique candle has captured hearts and homes alike, blending the soothing power of pastel colours with the eco-friendly essence of soy wax.

From its enchanting fragrance to its stylish design, discover why Posh's creation stands out as the epitome of contemporary candle luxury!

Here are the 9 reasons why Posh's Pastel Soy Wax candle is the coolest!

  1. Burn-free Ambience Relocation!
  2. Divine Fusion of Fragrances
  3. Aroma + Colour Therapy!
  4. Benefits of Ceramic + 3-wicks
  5. Its Sustainable!
  6. Toxin-free 36-42 Burn Hours
  7. Chemical-free Pastel Aesthetics
  8. 100% Made in India
  9. Unbelievably Affordable!

1. Burn-free Ambience Relocation!

Pastel CANDL has a handle for easy relocation of the vibe!

Let's be honest for a sec... maybe we want to chill and be lazy, but sometimes we just gotta pick up and bring the vibe of our glowing candles to a different place.

I have lost track of the countless times I've singed my fingertips with a scorching glass container during the daring act of moving a lit candle.

This is just one of those countless reasons why the Pastel Mug CANDL was created! It has a handle!

No need to stay rooted in one place, I can bring the ambiance with me whenever and wherever I want!

2. Divine Fusion of Fragrances

Candles with blended scents are an art of perfumery, ensuring a harmonious and evolving fragrance that enhances the overall ambiance of the space.

Exotic scented candles usually have 3 notes: top, heart and base note.

As a candle burns, the top note captivates initially, giving way to the heart note that defines the essence of the scent. Finally, the base note lingers, leaving a lasting impression for hours even after the candle was unlit!

"Turn Up Your Magic": Begramot + Ylang Ylang + Vanilla

This heavenly blend offers a delightful sensory experience that combines-

  • Floral elegance of the top note begramot
  • Freshness of our heart note ylang ylang
  • The sweet and nostalgic warmth of the base note vanilla

3. Aroma + Colour Therapy!

Colour therapy served as an invaluable muse in the creation of our exquisite #poshXpastel collection. Posh's Pastel CANDL combines colour therapy and the renowned perks of aroma therapy!

What is colour therapy?

Colour therapy, AKA chromotherapy, uses colours to boost physical and emotional well-being, aiming to balance and amp up energy levels.

colour therapy behind the colour blue colour psychology chromotherapy and how it works posh the studio scented candle Pastel CANDL buy online bath and body works candles affordable gifts for valentines day
To put it simply, certain colours can positively impact our mood, emotions and overall health.

What is aroma therapy?

Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils derived from plants to promote physical and psychological well-being. Inhaling or applying these oils is believed to stimulate the olfactory system and influence emotions, relaxation, and various health benefits.

How does the Pastel CANDL aim to combine the two?

"Turn Up Your Magic" Yellow Pastel CANDL Mug has the blended aromas of Begramot + Ylang Ylang + Vanilla.

  • Begramot is known to reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Ylang-ylang is known for its mood-boosting and antidepressant properties.
  • Vanilla has aphrodisiac properties that help relieve insomnia and irritability.

colour therapy yellow pastel colour psychology behind bright colours posh the studio scented candels to buy online in india bath and body works candles for home Pastel CANDL Turn up your magic

To connect with your authentic self, light this soy candle in your peaceful zen corner. Let this be your meditation companion as the aromas work their magic to enchant your senses and bring calm to your mind.

4. Benefits of Ceramic + 3-wicks

Combining a decorative ceramic vessel with a three-wick candle creates a visually appealing and versatile decor item that complements various home aesthetics.

Perks of having 3-wicks

Candles with three wicks offer perks as compared to single wick candles, such as:

  • enhanced aesthetics and a decorative appeal
  • even wax pool formation with no tunnelling and less wastage
  • an increased fragrance throw
  • steadier flames
  • suitability for larger spaces and a longer overall burn time

3 wick candles in beautiful form buy online in india bath and body works scented candles affordable coupons

Sometimes having more wicks is not the solution to ensure tunnelling, specially in colder weather. You might've had experience with leftovers of wax around the edges.

The added benefits of the ceramic

Our ceramic mug container ensures that the container is hot when lit with 3 flames inside. The strategically spaced and well positioned wicks contribute to a more balanced heat distribution in the container leaving you with uniform wax melts every time you decide to lighten up the aura.

With our Pastel CANDL, you can finally spend more time relaxing and lesser time monitoring your candle's surface!

5. Its Sustainable!

You won't have to throw away what remains after making the most out of the 36-42 burn hours of your favourite scent!

A sustainable approach with mug compatibility pros

Our Pastel mug CANDL ensures heat resistance, enhances the longevity of the soy wax and simplifies maintenance. Creating candles in reusable ceramic mugs promotes sustainability, provides functional decor, offers versatility and allows for personalisation.

It is indeed a thoughtful and environmentally conscious choice for candle-making.

Once you run out of the wax, simply use water and soap to take away any residues. You have a completely reusable ceramic coffee mug with you. It's both dishwasher and microwave friendly!

boom roasted the office themed sitcom ceramic coffee mug microwave and dishwasher friendly crockery for housewarming gift by posh the studio india

(Note: never put a lit candle or a mug with leftovers of soy wax in a microwave. It is a fire safety hazard.)

6. Toxin-free 36-42 Burn Hours

Our Pastel CANDL has 4 ingredients: a ceramic mug, pre-waxed candle wicks, completely organic soy wax and natural essential oils for fragrance.

Made from natural soy and organic essential oils

All of our fragrance oils are made from natural essential oils and manufactured locally in India. Soy wax is a renewable and biodegradable resource and choosing it over paraffin wax helps promote sustainable farming practices and local economies.

benefits of using soy wax scented candles buy online india affordable bath and body work candles Pastel CANDL by posh the studio

Unlike paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum, soy wax reduces our dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels. This aligns with our efforts at Posh to promote more sustainable and environmentally conscious products.

There are so many benefits of soy wax, listing below a few more of these:

  • Minimal soot: Contributes to better air quality and is particularly beneficial for individuals with respiratory sensitivities.
  • Excellent Scent Throw: Soy wax has a good scent throw, meaning it can effectively carry and disperse fragrance oils.
  • Water soluble: Spills and drips from soy wax are easy to clean with soap and water, as soy is water-soluble.
  • Long lasting: Soy wax candles typically have a slower and more even burn compared to some other types of wax.

Get 36-42 of burn hours with our Pastel CANDL!

The average burning time depends on a lot of factors when choosing a candle. The quality of wax used, the weather and surrounding temperature conditions to name a few.

Our Pastel CANDL uses the best quality natural soy wax available in the country and ensures smooth, toxin free burn hours of up to 36-42 hours when lit completely to the bottom edge using all 3 wicks.

7. Chemical-free Pastel Aesthetics

Pastel CANDL is fully committed to our core values

Posh is a design brand that prioritises aesthetics. However, we refuse to compromise on our values when it comes to creating high-quality products.

Loads of brands choose to jazz up their candles with some pastel pizzazz by using coloured wax. And guess what? Those vibrant shades often pack a punch thanks to a dose of chemicals!

The design-centric incorporation of pastel shades was executed by using entirely natural soy with a complete absence of artificial colours for the Pastel CANDL, resulting in the creation of a final product that still exudes a pastel palette!

8. 100% Made in India

Not sourcing "imported" Chinese ceramic mugs is one of the reasons we pride ourselves in calling our brand 100% homegrown. Our ceramic mugs are manufactured in Gujarat's very own ceramic town, Morbi.

make in india brands buy scented candles online in india

Moreover, all of our natural essential oils are sourced from multiple locations within the country thereby supporting the regional economy. Soy wax is made from naturally grown soybeans and thus supports our local agricultural communities.

9. Unbelievably Affordable!

Our soy wax candle is 300 grams in weight independent of the mug

Falling in love with our pastel soy wax candle?

From its captivating scent to its chic aesthetic, this article explored the 9 reasons why Posh's pastel soy wax candle is a beloved choice. If you liked these, we have more interesting news in store for you!

We are planning to launch another one next month, in a different colour and an entirely new blended scent. Subscribe to the Posh Magazine to stay in loop with the latest news.

What's your favourite feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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